RFLX Training Center Class Descriptions


Core Brazilian Jiu jitsu
Available to All Levels
The Core Curriculum is designed to create a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through basic BJJ theory, technique and principles. Classes incorporates warm up drills to help students internalize the body movements behind the techniques they are learning. Techniques are introduced in depth by the instructor with a chance for drilling and questions. Students may also do some “positional sparring” in order to further understand the techniques.

"You never outgrow the basics."

Drills create skills. In this class you drill BJJ techniques and use BJJ based body motions for cardio conditioning. Using BJJ motions helps advance timing, break bad habits and make techniques reflexive. 
Required for competitors- drills and competition training for 2 stripes and above.
Three stripes and above only.
These Int/Adv classes will break down movements in a series, building upon the basic curriculum in much greater detail as well as adding new BJJ moves and discussing BJJ theory.
This is a combination class for CORE and advanced boxing students. This class requirements includes needing to have shin guards and 12-16oz gloves. (16oz. for sparring) Boxing is great for both men and women. No matter what your background or current fitness level you will be able to join and start having a great time right away. Whether you are looking for a sturdy self defense strategy, to get or stay in shape, to cross train for another sport or just try something new, this art can accommodate your goals. Pad training style makes it safe, fun and effective for really implementing and trying new techniques as well as learning quickly if you are a beginner. 
RFLX Kickboxing for Self Defense
Self defense begins with confidence and awareness. RFLX Muay Thai kickboxing is much more than sport fighting because it demands total body awareness and present moment mindfulness. You really get to know how your body moves, your habits of movement and your strengths and weaknesses. As you become more proficient in the techniques you gain a real sense of accomplishment and confidence, which leads to a sense of relaxation in the body and mind.
RFLX Lion Cub's BJJ Program teaches kids the rules of BJJ with Mat Chats and the basic Jiu Jitsu motions through games and drills. Fun, safe and effective introduction to martial arts. 
RFLX Lion's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program introduces kids ages 7-12 to the self defense and sport concepts of BJJ. Great for fitness too, Coaches use BJJ related exercises and drills for cardio conditioning. Kid's will spar from positions as well as from the feet to understand all components of BJJ.
1 Hour class focusing on No-Gi grappling.
2 Stripes and above only
RFLX NOGI Grappling Arts

NoGi Grappling is an essential part of the grappling arts. Nogi Grappling has its roots in sport, fighting and self defense. A great combination to its counterpart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with Gi), NoGi grappling increases transition speed, improves positional control and is a key tool used in todays mixed martial arts. Submission grappling is a crucial part of becoming a well rounded grappler. Classes available for all levels.

Open mat is a time used to drill or train techniques you have learned or want to improve. open to all levels
This is an advanced class supporting upper belts on their journey to black belt with concepts, themes, and advanced techniques critical to well rounded development. This class is for those serious about advancing their Jiu Jitsu game.
The Randori you wait all week for! Amp up your game and get on the mat.
2 stripes and above can participate in this class.
Randori is best known as one-on-one sparring where partners attempt to resist and counter each other's technique. Hour long sparring with 7-10 minute rounds, rotating sparring partners. Come test out the skills you have been learning in class.
Teens/Advanced BJJ class is a core curriculum for adolescents ages 13-16 (>13 with Professor approval). Fun way to learn the advanced techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with peers your age.



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