Stephen DeVogel

Steve DeVogel began training jiu jitsu in 2002. He was first a student at Boulder BJJ and then Zingano Jiu Jitsu until he had the opportunity to coach at the Boulder Grappling Academy, which was a Relson Gracie academy. There, he received his purple belt in 2008, which he still holds.

Steve started training at RFLX during the summer of 2013, after nearly four years off the mat due to a severe autoimmune disease. As Steve’s health deteriorated in 2009, the first key piece of his life that he lost was jiu jitsu. It was also the last piece to be regained. Although several surgeries eliminated Steve’s disease, he suffered nerve damage to his leg in the process, and could not walk without the aid of crutches. He told his physical therapist that his goal was to train jiu jitsu again, if possible. After 8 months of physical therapy, Steve was on the mat again. He attributes his ability to overcome severe disease and all of its associated setbacks to the mental, emotional and physical strength he gained from training jiu jitsu.

In October 2013, Steve began teaching at RFLX and takes great pride in helping students of all levels, whether it’s someone working on his/her first technique or preparing a fighter for competition. By sharing his passion for BJJ, Steve hopes he can help others gain strength in all aspects of their lives, helping them avoid or better endure stressful situations. Beyond making a person tougher, Steve believes jiu jitsu is a positive element in people’s lives by making them strive for a healthier lifestyle – and he knows first-hand that there’s nothing more important.”

Stephen DeVogel instructs the following:
  • Open Mat
  • Open mat is a time used to drill or train techniques you have learned or want to improve. open to all levels

  • BJJ Drills
  • Drills create skills. In this class you drill BJJ techniques and use BJJ based body motions for cardio conditioning. Using BJJ motions helps advance timing, break bad habits and make techniques reflexive. 

  • "Core" BJJ (Adult)
    Level 1 

    This core curriculum is designed to create a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through basic BJJ theory, technique and principles. Classes incorporates warm up drills to help students internalize the body movements behind the techniques they are learning. Techniques are introduced in depth by the instructor with a chance for drilling and questions. Students may also do some “positional sparring” in order to further understand the techniques.

    "You never outgrow the basics."



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