Curriculum Posting!

Hey RFLX TC members! We will now begin posting the curriculum which will be taught each week. These postings will be posted on the RFLX TC website under the "Media" tab, under "News and Updates."

All postings will be updated on Sunday for the week they are taught, allowing the members to know before hand exactly what they will be working on that week. 

Members will also be able to login on the website under the "Members" tab to benefit from the "RFLX TC Member's Corner." The Member's Corner gives members access to technique and curriculum videos which will be viewable for the week they are taught. 

*Members look out for a LiveEdit email from us which will hold a password allowing you to login to the RFLX TC Member's Corner to view videos! Please be patient though, as we have to add each person individaully.



Adult BJJ: Bottom Closed Guard-Fundamentals

Kids BJJ: Maintaining and Getting Mount




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