Bro...Do You Even OSS???

I love it, you love it, and your Mom will love it too…it’s OSS! and it’s sweeping the land.

As I’m sure you know, OSS! has become extremely popular in BJJ academy’s across the world.

It’s fun to say, it makes you feel awesome, and everyone gets to say it together, Yay!

But of course… much like those people with the “it’s a _____ thing, you wouldn’t understand,” stickers on their cars there are those out there who are griping about it’s current “over” and “mis” usages.

Personally, I have taken to using OSS! in every way I can.

When I remember to start the dishwasher before I go bed, OSS!

When I find the glorious bonus fry at the bottom of the bag, OSS!

When my 2-year-old makes a doodie in the potty, big time OSS!

Give me an “O”

Give me another “O”

Give me an “S”

What’s that mean?!?!?!?....nobody knows.

It’s probably just another acronym like LMFAO.

“We were rolling and my partner totally farted, OSS! right?!?! LOL”


OSS! is said to have originated in the Officer’s Academy of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the early part of the 20th century, but hold on….. some other people suggest that it started within the Japanese martial art of Ka-Ra-Tay.

And still others have some other crazy theories about where it came from but we just don’t have time for crazy.

OSS! has many OSSrigins. (See? You CAN use it everywhere.) The most prominent definition of "OSS" is an abbreviation for Onegai Shimasu, which roughly translates into a “respectful invitation” and is often used by upper-belts to convey the idea of, “hey, you look like a new white belt……come over here and put your neck just so…”

Another definition of OSS!, also known as "ossu," has its roots in the Japanese phrase Oshi Shinobu, and conveys the notion of being resilient, especially when faced with adversity……and horrible purple belts.

And finally…..OSS! can also be used to suggest or confirm a piece of information. Thus, whenever your professor or coach teaches you a technique, a declaration of OSS! will adamantly confirm that you kind of get it, and would definitely like for him/her to come over and walk you through it again.

So when is OSS! appropriate?

I would suggest to you that, if you aren’t speaking directly to a Japanese person (because that could get a little dicey), you can OSS! whenever you want.

OSS! like nobody is listening,

OSS! like nobody is watching,

OSS! like you’ve never been hurt….by a purple belt,

And OSS! like it’s heaven on earth!


Hope you enjoyed the blog.


Yours in BJJ,



Ps…this blog annoyingly used the term OSS! 22 times.





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