“Little Lions” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at RFLX Training Center is the one of the BEST things you can do for your child. BJJ provides so MANY benefits for kids, but perhaps most importantly, it provides a solid foundation for future success in ALL aspects of life.

 "Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate."










By instilling a strong sense of commitment and self-confidence, your child will learn how to overcome the challenges and obstacles life can bring.


Self control and focus create positive results in all aspects of their lives. Their behavior and school work will improve. They will be more outgoing and make friends more easily. And most importantly, your child will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices, to keep them physically fit for the rest of their lives.


We seek skill development and mastery in three fundamental areas:


Physical development is the foundation for all martial arts. This includes improving coordination, strength, endurance, reflexes, flexibility and technical skill. See RFLX Core Ten Fitness Principles.


Mental strength includes the ability to think under pressure and stress. To stay focused while solving complex problems. BJJ is like chess in this sense and is extremely useful in the development of mental strength. Mental development at RFLX also includes the cultivation of character which means a strong sense of personal responsibility and respect among children and adults who guide them.


Emotional Competence is the ability to control one’s emotional response to a given situation in an appropriate manner.





  • Exciting & Fun Classes build Fitness

  • Learn Humility & Teamwork

  • Character Development & Confidence

  • Build Leadership Qualities

  • Learn Commitment and Discipline

  • Learn Verbal Assertiveness

  • Effective Self Defense / Bully Proof

  • Build Powerful REFLEXES for LIFE!






Character Development


“At RFLX Training Center, we are aware that as instructors we are held to a higher standard and are called to demonstrate this on and off the mat. We accept this as coaches and leaders, in an effort to make ourselves and our students more competent individuals.” 


Character Development is emphasized through a  Code of Conduct and Ethics. This Code of Conduct and Ethics is what separates a martial art from a system designed only for fighting.



Essential Character Aspects

Personal Responsibility
 – Being accountable for motives,
attitudes, & actions
Respectful Assertiveness™ – Standing up for oneself in a positive way
Integrity – Being true to who you are

Grit – Learning to deal with temporary pain or setbacks
Diligence – Completing tasks in a timely manner
Wisdom – Behaving for the long term and for the good of all
Conviction – Holding a value or belief so firmly that it influences
my attitudes / actions
Loyalty – Staying true and honest in one’s relationships
Courage – Understanding that fear is natural and learning
to move outside one’s comfort zone in a healthy way
Humility – Putting others first
Gratitude – Showing appreciation




 Essential Character


A Parent, a Child and a Plan™

Our slogan says it all! Success is about planning and execution.
Once your child has reached a level of competence in the training,
then they will have REAL CONFIDENCE – FOR LIFE!


Ability to Communicate – dealing with conflict in a healthy, constructive mannerChildren Jui Jitsu
Confidence – believing in yourself
Respectful Assertiveness™ – Asserting oneself in a positive manner
Empathy – understanding what another person is feeling
Courtesy – being kind and respectful
Honesty – understanding and demonstrating the truth
Focus and Discipline – the ability to block out unwanted distractions
Team Dynamics – working with a group
Love of Exercise and Fitness – sound mind in a sound body
Responsibility – understanding the consequences of your actions


It’s Super Fun!

The kids have so much fun they forget that they are actually learning valuable skills. And the best part is that by the time you pick them up, they are blissfully exhausted from the healthy exercise and ready for a good night’s sleep!


It Really Works!

Our training programs instill in your child unshakable confidence so they can overcome bullies without violence. In fact, as a result of the non-violent nature of the techniques, CNNNBC, and Oprah have featured Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as one of the few effective counter-measures to bullying for children between the ages of 5 and 13.


Our Programs Teach Your Child How To Be “Un-Fightable”

We will teach your child to use verbal Respectful Assertiveness™ skills to counter bullies and leverage-based grappling self-defense techniques to control a bully and stay safe if physically threatened.
This is ESSENTIAL TRAINING for your child in today’s “Zero Tolerance” school environment.





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