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What is RFLX Striking Arts?


Muay Thai • Boxing • MMA


This style of fighting includes the use of punches, round kicks, front kicks, elbows strikes and knee strikes. It is a devastating style of combative self defense that when used properly and appropriately can protect against and incapacitate an attacker.

Why RFLX Striking Arts?

RFLX Striking has many advantages no matter who you are. What we are all about here at RFLX Training Center is building reflexes and that is exactly what you will do. Learning the technique behind a punch or a kick is important, but making it reflexive is key. Imagine any fight or self defense situation where you have to act quickly. Now imagine yourself freezing. Even if the lapse is momentary, the effects can be devastating. This is why our goal is to train reflexes, to ensure that you will react no matter what life throws at you. When you train RFLX Striking with our experienced instructors you will become not only more physically fit, more explosive, lean, but will also be more capable of defending yourself and those around you.


Mitt Training at RFLX Training Center




Who is this for?


Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA/Muay Thai are great for both men and women. No matter what your background or current fitness level you will be able to join and start having a great time right away. Whether you are looking for a sturdy self defense strategy, to get or stay in shape, to cross train for another sport or just try something new, this art can accommodate your goals. Pad training is safe, fun and effective for really implementing and trying new techniques as well as learning quickly if you are a beginner. Also, there are no extensive forms like in Karate or Tae Kwon Do, so you immediately immersed in the real life applicable techniques that you came to learn.


This program will help you tremendously no matter what your goals. Train like a professional, live healthier, be safer and more prepared. We can’t wait to see you in the gym!



Ultimate Fitness


Sharpen your body and mind with a real Muay Thai curriculum from a national champion. There’s no better workout to improve posture, balance, coordination and body awareness. You will lose weight and gain confidence because the focus required to build the skills makes you forget how hard you’re working and how many calories you’re burning- you literally melt fat like butter on a hot griddle!


No Experience Required


RFLX Striking Arts is for everyone regardless of age, experience or fitness level. While pro MMA fighters use Muay Thai to win Championships in the UFC, The vast majority of our gym members will never step into the ring. We develop our members with the same training methods used by professional fighters at the highest levels of competition. We offer a comprehensive program for personal development focusing on fitness, knowledge, and technique in a safe, friendly atmosphere. All of our students are carefully guided, step by step, to do more than they ever dreamed they could and taught to be true Champions in Life.


RFLX Striking Arts for Self Defense


Self defense begins with confidence and awareness. RFLX striking demands total body awareness and present moment mindfulness. You really get to know how your body moves, your habits of movement and your strengths and weaknesses. As you become more proficient in the techniques you gain a real sense of accomplishment and confidence, which leads to a sense of relaxation in the body and mind.


Refinement of Technique


These classes are much more technical and demanding than a basic fitness kickboxing class and our instructors push you to do more than you knew you could. The RFLX Striking Arts's curriculum is the same for all students and all students are pushed to refine and master the arts. For this reason, the classes never get boring. We will have competitors, retired fighters, coaches and recreational participants all training side by side in our mixed level classes.




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