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Submission Grappling For BJJ, Fitness & Self Defense


The RFLX NOGI Core Curriculum is designed to supplement any martial arts or self defense program. The term “NOGI” refers to the fact that practitioners do not wear the traditional “GI” uniform during training. At first glance, this would seem to be the only difference between regular “GI” classes and training and “NOGI” training. With experience, however, the student realizes that the two styles are very different and both are required to become a well rounded jiu jitsu artist.


NOGI grappling is also referred to as “Submission Grappling” and can be quite a different experience from GI training. To begin with, it’s a faster “game”. Without the “grips” or the ability to hold onto the opponents’ gi, he can slip out of positions and submissions more easily. Because of this, NOGI training helps the student get very good at holding positions and submissions. Of course the converse is also true, GI training helps the student understand how to defend against positions and submissions that he would otherwise be able to slip out of with the lack of friction and “handles” that the gi provides.

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Next, NOGI creates more opportunities for transitions and therefore a faster “flow” in the training. Again, it is important to train with the GI and without in order to get the benefits that each style can offer. Beginners have the most to benefit from GI training because they can slow the action down by learning to use grips as they are progressing. Some people find the GI restrictive or uncomfortable for this reason but that is exactly the benefit! On the other hand, NOGI training emphasizes submissions and tight body control in order to defeat an opponent.


Fitness with a Purpose


NOGI is excellent for cardio and agility because it’s usually a faster paced training. It’s no secret that wrestlers and grapplers are the most fit humans on the planet. RFLX NOGI is one of the BEST ways to get fit and get skills! We call it "Reflexes For Living”.
No Wrestling Experience Required


RFLX NOGI Grappling is for everyone regardless of age, experience or fitness level.  This is NOT a program intended to develop high school or college sport wrestlers – no singlets and no headgear required. The classes are challenging but they are safe and fun.

Grappling for Self Defense
Intelligent Use of Force and Progressive Control


Finally, RFLX NOGI grappling is an essential part of the student’s self defense training. The RFLX NOGI Core Curriculum is uniquely suited for effectiveness across a wide variety of self defense situations. RFLX NOGI allows the student to meet a threat with an appropriate measure of force and control without relying on fine motor skills which inevitably fail under extreme stress. It has been said that “on the street, the threat won’t be wearing a GI”. This may be true. One may be at the beach or in a warm environment where people are wearing only board shorts. But the fact is, people do usually wear clothes so the GI is worn to simulate normal clothing and so that students aren’t shredding their workout attire. Again, both sides of the coin are true which is why GI and NOGI training complement each other.

Mastering the Standing Clinch / Trap Distance

In terms of self defense, the most important distance to master is the clinch position. If you are outside this distance – punching or kicking distance – you still have a chance to get away and avoid the threat. If you are grappling on the ground you may well have made a bad mistake. RFLX NOGI Core Curriculum emphasizes attaining superior position from standing. That means stopping the takedown attempt and controlling the threat from a top position. Many people think of wrestling as being on the ground but the real strength is the standing clinch.

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